There is a project we run every day.

And it’s called -what else?-

“About Us”

Hear For Yourself!




SoundsLike is a fully equiped Audio Post Production Studio located in the center of Athens. We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help you and give you audio post solutions for your projects.

Alexia Kathargiou

General Manager / Post Production Coordinator

In her spare time she… teaches math, learns Swedish, gives reflexology massages,
reads, takes guitar lessons (ask her furious neighbors!).

She also… cooks, performs voice overs, writes scary stories and mixes cocktails.

Besides all these she manages to be at least 10 hours a day at work, at your service.

Just make sure her cup of coffee is always full!


Giannis Chrysogonou

General Manager / Sound Designer

What do… video games, web, electronic music, 
pro-tools, a milk bottle and a couch have in common?


Crazy videogamer, renowned Dj, internet addicted geek, pro-tools fan,
but most of all a great sound engineer.

Favourite time of the day; feeding his little son while lying on the couch!

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Alex Retsis

Collaborator / Sound Designer – Composer

Glitch enthusiast, percussionist for fun, audio fanatic, overall super nice fellow.

Alex is our frequent collaborator, composing award winning advertising music, providing additional sound design and bringing on board the occasional production duties for our lovely customers.

Creator of mostly bad jokes, he always carries a portable videogame console with him, just in case.

Strongly believes in the number 42.